I am an eccentric, published author, artist, and photographer. While I do regularly take on commercial projects, my true motivation is inspired by an overactive imagination and boundless energy. I’ll try (almost) anything once, just for the sake of experience. I love working around creative, talented individuals with unique personalities and looks. A well thought out, if occasionally misguided philosophy on life beats the hell out of none at all. Writing comes in creative surges. The books are in my head. The only way to get them out is to write. From setting pencil to paper (can’t think in front of a computer screen) I’ve written novels in less than two weeks. Obsession with nothing else. Total immersion. When the last word of the last page is done, it’s finally quiet again.

Art has always been a driving fascination for me. More an installation approach, creating beautiful (but usually disturbing) pieces that generally acquire many looks but no commercial value. Arthritis has taken the fine details from me—somewhere between my head and my hands the message often gets lost. As of late, the physical limitations have focused this creativity into photography, where I can still create what I see in my head.

Photography is my passion. The search for something unique. Something that hasn’t been done before. I love piercings, tattoos, clothing, hair, anything that makes a statement of individuality. I do little if any post-production or photoshop work—what you see is what you get. My own work is constantly evolving, exploring new ways to create some truly jaw dropping imagery.

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