Clothing/Wardrobe Designers FAQ

We need someone to shoot for our online catalog. Can you do it?

You bet. From clean, crisp product shots to edgy lifestyle images, it can all be done. Want to throw a little bite into your catalog and make people remember it? We can do that too. See my Rates.

We have a catalog, but what we really need are lifestyle images for our ad campaign.

That’s my specialty. Together we can plan out images tailor-made to hit your demographic, and provide all the necessary photos for a specific ad or campaign. Whatever style or feel you want, it’s all possible. See my Rates.

Will you shoot our fashion show?

Sure, if you’re willing to pay me double my Rates.

I have a one-of-a-kind, custom made wardrobe piece that will blow you away. Will you shoot it?

Possibly. Give it your best shot. If it’s that good, I can guarantee I’ll come up with an image concept worthy of your masterpiece. Blow me away, and my rates may be negotiable.

I really like your style, but don’t have much of a budget. What will it take to get you to shoot it?

Several options. Unlikely, but not impossible.

Trade/Barter – make me something custom for one of my creative or artistic projects.

Print – and I mean PRINT. Not “we’re going to try and get an ad in this magazine”.

High-Profile Models – line up a shoot with professional models I choose, and provide everything required for a full production shoot.

Creative License to run Amok – I shoot your wardrobe pieces in whatever theme, style, or concept I happen to have going at the time. Whether it’s half-naked models making out in a coal mine, or half-naked models fighting aliens on some futuristic battlefield, whatever the concept I come up with, that’s what you get. It’s also likely to be a one-way trip for whatever wardrobe items you give me. Fair warning.

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