Models FAQ

Do you pay models?

If you’re looking for paid work, you can stop reading right now. DO NOT CONTACT ME FOR PAID WORK. All such inquiries will be ignored.

On occasion I do have paid work available to models. Clients pay models, not me. When I do have paid work available, I ONLY give it to models I’ve worked with previously on a TFP/CD (Trade for Prints/CD) basis.

Do you ever do TFP/CD?

Yes, frequently! I’m always looking for truly unique or exceptional models who bring something extraordinary and stimulate my imagination. TFP/CD usually involves some level of nudity. In most cases, models will get several web resolution images for personal portfolio use and promotion within a week or two of the shoot. Unless otherwise arranged, models will NOT have access to raw images. At no point may images be distributed to Suicide Girls or affiliated sites. Content trade is also an option for models with pay sites.

Do all your projects involve nudity?

Yes, most of my projects involve some level of nudity. Not necessarily explicit, but nudity nonetheless. Topless at minimum. I respect models who don’t wish to do nudes but generally have no place for them in my creative vision. There are rare exceptions, otherwise see my Rates.

Exceptions to doing nudity involve the following:
* Fire Performers – Willing to breath fire, set yourself ablaze, or some other human pyrotechnic display.
* Cosplay – Models who have amazing costumes or outfits and really know how to get into character.
* Bizarre – Have something unusual or unique that NOBODY else can do.
* Location – Can offer some exquisite or highly unusual location to shoot.
* Scars – Looking for models or people with scars, and a story behind it.
* Famous – Celebrity, movie star, public personality? Hell yeah!
* Motorcross – Real women, real ATV, real riding.
* Print – Opportunities for published fashion, art, magazine, or catalog work.
* Referral – Line up paid work for me and I’m game!

What are your rates?

I do have fixed rates, though I’m open to trade and barter as well. Can’t hurt to ask. Sometimes I will have special deals or offers, depending on the set and timing. See Current Projects and Rates.

Can escorts or companions attend the shoot?

Yes, absolutely! I encourage models to bring someone along that they feel comfortable with, especially on first time shoots. Just be warned, escorts will probably get drafted into moving gear, holding props, adjusting wardrobe, and performing the jobs of a photographer’s assistant. IF you show up with another photographer as your escort, you can pack up and go home. I won’t shoot you. If in doubt, ask.


Models that provide their own hair/makeup or offer to hire a professional to do it for them are FAR more likely to be considered for TFP/CD projects. On occasion, I will hire makeup artist if the project requires it. Otherwise, this is NOT a free service, and the expense is to be covered by the model or client. See Rates for makeup services.

Where the hell is Hesperia, CA?

Yeah, I’m officially out in BFE. I hate the city. As a general rule, I work with people who are willing to come to me. If it’s too far, and you don’t wanna make the trip, that’s cool. I understand. No hard feelings. Just the way I work. Look up Hesperia, CA on MapQuest or Google Maps and see if it’s a drive you can handle.


- Always work with an enthusiastic amatuer over a jaded pro.
- Always choose a fit, thin, athletic model over an overweight individual.
- Always pick a model willing to do nudes over one who does not.
- Never push models into doing something they aren’t comfortable with.
- Never give paid work to models I haven’t worked with before on a TFP/CD basis.
- Never work with a model who is known for no-show/no-call.

If you made it this far and still want to shoot, feel free to contact me!

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