Apocalypse – Post-Apocalyptic Theme Event | 07-09-11

May 05, 2011

Dust blows across the barren wastes, settling over the scattered bones of humanity. Tombstone cities thrust shattered metal fingers towards the yellow skies. Broken civilization breeds a world of violence and bloodshed, where only the most ruthless survive. The apocalypse has arrived.

12 Gauge TherapySurroundedNatalie Nuclear

Through the radioactive haze come the strongest of the female tribes, drawn to a fortress of metal, tire, and earth. Held within its battered walls is the a chance at new life. It is here they will meet each other with blade, bow, and bullet, and by combat decide who truly rules the wastelands.

BadassDie MutherEvina WarriorBloodlust

A photo shoot unlike any other, with a killer lineup of models on the walls and battlements of a Road Warrior style fortress set. These are the true vixens of action and adventure, in costume and in character for the course of the event. Who’s to say what sparks will fly in the heat of passion and conflict. A down and dirty, gritty encounter with the apocalypse that will have you begging for the end of civilization as we know it.


Michelle Amara

Photos by (left to right): Grosjean, Simpson, Grosjean, Wisockey

Dolly Destruction

Leeanna Vamp

Evelyn and Chrissie

This is NOT just another group shoot. Attendance will be restricted to a maximum of eight photographers. Turn-based shooting to give everyone a chance to get some personal action through the lens. Each participant will be given time with each model on set, to direct and refine their own personal creative vision.

Cyber DoomNev EyepatchSci FiApocalypse Warrior

What to bring?

Laptop – Better believe you’ll be filling up those memory chips.

Snacks and Drinks – Dinner is provided. Best to bring something to keep you going in between shooting.

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Event Fee: $350

Sold Out

Summer Shoot Package 2011

This Theme Event is included in the Summer Shoot Package 2011. Buy the package before June 10th and save $100 off each event.

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Post-Apocalyptic Package 2011

This Theme Event is included in the Post-Apocalyptic Package 2011. Buy the package before July 8th and save $75 off each event.

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No extra fee for model releases. Everything is covered in the tuition, including a signed model release from all models, set materials, makeup and dinner.

Photographers who have attended previous THEME EVENTS may inquire regarding special discount offers. Inquire.

Short on $$$? (barter/trade)

A liability waiver must be signed by all participants. Sorry, no fire or flame FX during this event.

Event information is still being updated and is subject to change.

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