Live Wire – Cyber Theme Event | 06-11-11

May 03, 2011

NOTE: This event is completed, but if you’d like to be notified be notified of future events, please contact Adam Chilson Photography.

In the distant future comes the melding of human and machine, cyborgs born of metal and flesh. Visit a gritty, dystopian future, where it’s human vs. machine in a fight to survive. Take a walk on the wild side, with a sexy cyber scene straight out of Japanimation, where the machine has much different desires. Imagine the future world as living machines take on human form, emulating beauty, lust and emotion. The machine is alive.

CyberSnareCyborg 1Giger 2Hentai 1

This is no ordinary photo shoot. Come experience three distinct scenes with three separate models. Two completely different sets built and lit by Adam Chilson, along with body paint and special FX by Lisa Berzcel of Battledress. A cyber-themed event brought to you by a team published in numerous magazines and publications, including Heavy Metal.

Ghost in the Shell 4Ghost in the Shell 1Ghost in the Shell 3


Evina Luna
BeadsScourgeGuitar HeroWarrior 3
The event begins with a playful romp into the cyber realm, featuring Evina in a scene straight out of Japanese animation. Why, might you ask, would a machine seek to tear off this beauty’s clothes and have its way with her? That’s a rhetorical question. . . we just love having fun with it.

Nev 5Nev 7Nev 6Nev 4
Things turn to the dangerous side, as Nev battles the machines in a dark, distant future. Deep in the tunnels of the machine, she takes on the fight sci-fi style to the bitter end.

Kyara Tyler
Kyara GlamDefending the HomesteadKyara 3Kyara BW
Watch during the event as Lisa Berczel transforms Kyara into the perfect android beauty. Is it mankind seeking mechanical perfection, or is the machine emulating it’s creator? Only the images will tell.

Makeup, body paint, and SFX by Lisa Berczel of Battledress
Sponsored by top cosmetic manufacturers, this world-class makeup artist, stylist, designer, and body painter is bringing her magic to the set. Progress and behind-the-scenes shooting is encouraged throughout the day.

This is NOT just another group shoot. Attendance will be restricted to a maximum of six photographers. Turn-based shooting to give everyone a chance to get some personal action through the lens. Each participant will be given time with each model on set, to direct and refine their own personal creative vision.

Event highlights

* Shoot with three top-notch models on two separate sets
* Complete body paint by Lisa Berczel
* Full production sets and lighting by Adam Chilson
* Individual shoot opportunities for each photographer
* BBQ Dinner provided
* Shoot nudes in a setting that tells a story and sparks the imagination
* Movie style effects for fantastic imagery entirely through the lens

PerishCyber Wired 1Lesbian Cyber PornWarrior 2

Itinerary (approximate times)

1:30 pm — Arrival and introductions at Adam Chilson’s studio

2:00 – 4:00 pm — Shoot with Evina on indoor set

4:00 – 5:00 pm – BBQ Dinner

5:00 – 7:00 pm – Shoot with Nev on outdoor set

7:00 – 10:00 pm – Shoot with Kyara on both indoor and outdoor sets.

What to bring?

Laptop – Better believe you’ll be filling up those memory chips.

Snacks and Drinks – Dinner is provided. Best to bring something to keep you going in between shooting.

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Event Fee: $350


Summer Shoot Package 2011

This Theme Event is included in the Summer Shoot Package 2011. Buy the package before June 10th and save $100 off each event.

Sold Out


No extra fee for model releases. Everything is covered in the tuition, including a signed model release from all models, set materials, makeup and dinner.

Photographers who have attended previous THEME EVENTS may inquire regarding special discount offers. Inquire.

Short on $$$? (barter/trade)

A liability waiver must be signed by all participants. Sorry, no fire or flame FX during this event.

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