Burning Man Tickets

Jan 13, 2010

Countdown to the BurnTickets for Burning Man 2010 go on sale January 13th. Mouse fingers are poised in that cyberspace line, camped out to snag the first tickets. For old-time burners it’s the kick-off, starting a tangible countdown to the burn. If you don’t got ‘em, get ‘em!

2009 saw our first year as an official camp. Incendiary Intent made a big hit, packing our little corner of the playa with visitors. Fiery drinks (literally), a fire-blazing sign, and mini-stage with the Mark V flamethrower lighting up the night.

Ceremonial Sign LightingMatches?BooooooomThe Aliens Have LandedWhere are the droids?Storm Trooper Xtra Crispy

Back for 2010 will be the Incendiary Intent Challenge. Not to go into details of how this originated, but it involves five alarm chili complete with Guatemalan insanity pepper, throat searing hot pepper vodka, and cheap warm beer. All served up during the heat of the day during triple digit temperatures. Yet another one of those awful, stupid, insane ideas that for some unknown reason everybody wants to try. . .

Our camp leader and mad alchemist, Nyx, is brewing up a new batch of insanely hot alcohol for the daring. . . and unsuspecting. Good times, watching grown men and women cry while their friends point and laugh. For some reason, they keep coming back. If only they knew what we REALLY have in store for Burning Man 2010!

Incendiary Intent. Making life’s bad decisions for you.

Incendiary Intent - 10Incendiary Intent - 9Incendiary Intent - 8Incendiary Intent - 6Incendiary Intent - 7


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Additional photos provided by ^wynnesome and =KickStart011
Copyright 2010 by Adam Chilson

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