Wasteland Weekend 2010

Mar 30, 2011

Winds gust down vacant streets, radioactive dust covering bleached white bones of the dead. Twisted metal and broken concrete jut up from the ruins, gravestones of the forgotten. There is silence in the empty cities, bringing something not experienced since the dawn of civilization. . . Peace.

The Lonely Road

All is not lost. Life emerges from death, as it always does. As it must. There are survivors. By luck or skill, human beings persist in defiance of mass extinction. Those who once stood for law become the outlaw. A brutal world where law ceases to exist, and even an outlaw can become a hero.

Law of the HighwayLow TechChristopher Hawkins in Costume

From out of the barren wastes, those fighting tooth and nail, bullet and blade, receive the summons. A crackling voice heard over the airwaves, from the last operational transmitter in the wastelands. Crossing the desert plains and battlefield highways they come, drawn to a place called Barter Town.

Wasteland Group ShotVerminRawrrr

Wasteland Weekend is a giant, post-apocalyptic themed event held every year deep in the California desert. The largest “Road Warrior” festival in the United States. A chance to dress up, get into character, play rough, drink, and party like the apocalypse has really happened.

Drinking on the JobMessing with the InterceptorWasteland Rumble

Realistic? No, but it sure is a helluva good time pretending. Hot cars, costumes, music, fire performances, live stunt shows, and company of like-minded fans of the post-apocalyptic genre.

Maggot WagonJake Mckinnon in CostumeWasteland Emergency ServicesGolden Minute

For me, Wasteland Weekend 2010 was a total blast! No shortage of action, like participating in the stunt show assault on Barter Town, lighting up the night with flamethrowers, and taking part in the ritual of blood, flesh, and music performed by AMF. I even got ride pursuit in a replica Mad Max interceptor. So much to do, the event was over before I knew what happened.

Wasteland Weekend 2011 is coming up at the end of September. Not going to miss it!!

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Copyright 2011 by Adam Chilson

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