January 22nd Open House at D.M. Gremlin’s

Jan 27, 2010

Put Up Yer DukesIt was snowing when I jumped in the truck and picked up Andrew Gettler to head down to the monthly open house at D.M. Gremlin’s. We ran the chance of snowfall closing the pass behind us, but it was a risk worth taking. The January 22nd open house and devmeet hosted by Wendy Levin was destined to be memorable.

Braving the weather were familiar faces, old friends, and even Nyx and Lonny who made the journey all the way from SF for the weekend. It was also a fantastic opportunity to meet models, photographers, and artists, many of whom I’ve been trading comments and messages with for years. An impromptu photoshoot formed from models and photographers present, taking on a loosely based fitness theme.

Oh, Yeah, Feel the Burn, BabyPut Up Your Dukes!

Wait, I did say loosely based fitness theme, right?

Arriving later in the evening was fantastic surprise for all of us. Danni Doll, Anne Wilson, and Liz Silverman performed aerial stunts and mesmerized us with their vertical flair. I’m sorta kicking myself now for not picking up the camera, but fortunately Andrew captured these amazing shots of their acrobatics.

Look Ma No Hands | Photo by Andrew GettlerSplitzies | Photo by Andrew GettlerNow With 3x the Butt | Photo by Andrew GettlerSide Split | Photo by Andrew Gettler

They make it look so easy, don’t they?

Now I just have to figure out how to get the fire, barbed wire, water, and sparks all in the air with them…


Cross-posted to deviantART.
Additional photos provided by Andrew Gettler
Copyright 2010 by Adam Chilson

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