Seven Years in the Making

Apr 29, 2011

Seven years ago I went out and bought lumber and poles for a fence to section off a storage area. No sooner did I get started when I was called away for a paying gig far from home. Pulling into my driveway three months later, putting up a gate to the storage area wasn’t at the top of my To-Do list.

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If at first you don’t succeed…

Apr 07, 2011

It’s 5 am, and first hints of daylight creep on the horizon. My model has spent the past fourteen hours at the studio, a significant portion of that time being bound and rebound in barbed wire. She has a job interview in a few hours, and if she leaves right now, she’ll make it on time. After all the work, effort, pain, and perseverance, we still don’t have the shot.

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Wasteland Weekend 2010

Mar 30, 2011

Winds gust down vacant streets, radioactive dust covering bleached white bones of the dead. Twisted metal and broken concrete jut up from the ruins, gravestones of the forgotten. There is silence in the empty cities, bringing something not experienced since the dawn of civilization. . . Peace.

The Lonely Road

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Barbed Wire Safety Net

Jun 20, 2010

“So, there’s going to be barbed wire underneath me, just in case I fall, right?” my model asks.

I blink. Several seconds go by in befuddled silence. Perched in the makeshift suspension rig a few feet above my studio floor, I stare down at the metal plating below. My imagination takes hold, envisioning a vicious net of barbed wire beneath where my model will be hanging. No, no I couldn’t possibly have heard what I thought I just heard.

“Uh, no?” I stammer, almost at a complete loss for words. “Um, uh. NO. We won’t be doing that.”

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Last Regret

May 05, 2010

Last RegretThe studio is empty. The innocuous hum of lights and equipment dead. Rusted barbed wire lays strewn about the floor. The model is gone. The shot is in the camera, hard won for a brutal day of setup for one single, compelling image.

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A Return to Barbed Wire

Apr 28, 2010

Tetanus shot required for handling.Blood trickles in a single drop down my hand and drops to the floor. The involuntary recoil is over in an instant. The damage is done. The point of barbed wire removed as quickly as it entered. I smile, staring down at first blood. Inevitable. The tribute paid to muse for her gift. I knew from conception the medium would demand a toll in blood. It has wasted no time collecting its due.

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Two Days With the Colossal Metal Death Trap

Feb 03, 2010

Surrender. Not.On a set now collectively referred to as the “colossal metal death trap”, Nev plays the role of a (nude) warrior making her last stand. It’s fitting, in a way, for although she faces no mortal foes within the confines of my studio, she is surrounded by threat of jagged metal, barbed wire, and easily a ton of rusted steel. A much smaller, though not much safer, wall-to-wall rendition of the massive post-apocaylptic set destined for construction on the studio back lot summer 2010.

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January 22nd Open House at D.M. Gremlin’s

Jan 27, 2010

Put Up Yer DukesIt was snowing when I jumped in the truck and picked up Andrew Gettler to head down to the monthly open house at D.M. Gremlin’s. We ran the chance of snowfall closing the pass behind us, but it was a risk worth taking. The January 22nd open house and devmeet hosted by Wendy Levin was destined to be memorable.

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Donkeys Barbed Wire, and Rodent Skulls

Jan 20, 2010

“Oh. My. God. That’s a lot of Donkeys!”

Lots of Donkeys

Nev stares in disbelief out the car window as we slow to a stop at the side of the road. Ordinarily, a comment like that might seem out of place, but at our exact time and place, it couldn’t be more apt. Acre after acre of donkeys stretch out before us. There are, indeed, a LOT of donkeys.

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Burning Man Tickets

Jan 13, 2010

Countdown to the BurnTickets for Burning Man 2010 go on sale January 13th. Mouse fingers are poised in that cyberspace line, camped out to snag the first tickets. For old-time burners it’s the kick-off, starting a tangible countdown to the burn. If you don’t got ‘em, get ‘em!

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