LacedRibbon. Stainless Steel. Skin. Art that speaks for itself.

Model: Mya
Body Art: Alex Bezzina
Special Thanks to Ron Shade and STTP for making this possible!

No photoshop/post-production was involved in the creation of this image.

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By far the softest, and perhaps most sensual image from the entire series, “Titillate” brings an erotic beauty to what is a cold and harsh medium.

Model: Gwendelin-Artanis

**All profits from print sales will be shared between model and photographer equally**

General Disclaimer: This is REAL barbed wire. It is far more dangerous than it looks. Even with extreme safety precautions, it is very easy to get hurt. Please do NOT try this at home!

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ReachThis is REAL Barbed Wire. There is no digitalĀ  manipulation of photo editing. The pokes and scratches, all 100% REAL.

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